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General Ordering Information

Tune Parkvej 5
DK-4030 Tune
Company reg.: DK18874393

Phone: +45 7022 7005 (opening hours monday - thursday from 08.30 - 16.30 and friday from 08.30 - 15.00)
Email: umates@umates.com

The shipping costs to EU countries are amounted to 9,00 EUR per product unit and are listed in the order confirmation and invoice. The shipping costs for non-EU countries are amounted to 21,00 EUR per product unit and are listed in the order confirmation and invoice. The standard delivery time is 3-5 days.

Purchasing on umates.com

You can place orders anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In order to place an order, you must:
  • be 18 years of age or older
  • be a consumer - not a reseller

    Please note that you need an e-mail address to place an order online. Also, in order to make full use of, umates.com which includes adding items to your shopping cart and checking out from our store, you'll need to set your browser to accept both cookies and pop-ups.

    At what point in the ordering process am I bound by my order?

    Note that you are only sending your order to us once you click the Buy-button at the end of the ordering process. See our legal note for details.

    Legal note: By clicking the "Buy-button", your order is sent to us as displayed in the Final Check Out Screen. Once we have received your order, an automated confirmation of receipt will be displayed on the website, which contains your order number and the details of your purchase. The purchase agreement has now been concluded. A copy of the confirmation of receipt will be sent to your e-mail address also, which we suggest that you print or download for future reference. Note that we reserve the right to not accept your order or to cancel the purchase agreement.

    Our right to not accept your order or to cancel your purchase

    We reserve the right to for whatever reason refuse any order, or to cancel any purchase. Some of the situations in which we may do so are:

  • the product is not available / in stock
  • your billing information is not correct or not verifiable
  • your payment is not received within 12 calendar days after confirmation of your order
  • we have reason to believe that your order may be fraudulent
  • we have reason to believe you are under 18
  • there was an error in the price quote
  • we could not deliver at the address provided by you

  • Data check

    When you send us your order, we may run some checks on it before it is fulfilled. These checks may include verifying your address, checking for fraud, and creditworthiness. By submitting your order, you agree to this.

    How to order

    Placing an order on umates.com is easy. Just follow these simple steps:
    1. Find the products you want
    2. Add the products to your shopping cart
    3. Proceed to checkout
    4. Select shipping and billing options
    5. Review and place your order
    6. Invoice Confirmation

    1. Find the products you want

    You can browse umates.com by using the menus on the top of the page.
    To find out more about a product, click on its image or name and you will be taken to a page with more detailed product information.

    2. Add the products to your shopping cart

    To order a product from umates.com, select its size and quantity, and then click the "Add to cart" button on the right side of the product detail page.
    Remember, you can view the contents of your shopping cart at any time by clicking the navigation bar at the top of every page of our site.
    If you are experiencing problems, make sure that your browser is enabled to accept cookies in order to add products to your Cart and proceed to checkout. If unsure about whether your browser accepts cookies, then check the help section of your browser.

    3. Proceed to Checkout

    When you're ready to complete your order, be sure to review all of the items that are in your shopping cart. By clicking on "Update order" you can add, change or delete items until you are completely satisfied with your order. Once you have selected all the items that you would like to purchase, click on the button "Next".

    4. Select shipping and billing options

    Once you've clicked on "Next" you'll also need to provide your delivery address, billing address and method of payment (see Payment options for the choices available). Note that your billing address must be entered exactly as it appears on your bank statement.
    Special note on the delivery address: If you change the country that the product will be delivered to, the total price of your order will be recalculated and presented to you for your acceptance before you can continue the checkout process.

    5. Review and Place Your Order

    Be sure to review all information on the Final Check Out Screen before clicking the "checkout" button. You can make any necessary changes to the billing, delivery and payment information you provided by using the "edit" option. If you do not agree with the contents of your shopping cart (e.g you wish to add or remove an item, or change size or color), you will need to go back to the shopping cart. To do this please click the link "Return to shopping cart" and start the process again.
    To confirm the order press the "checkout" button to send your order to us. Once you have placed your order, you will see a receipt page with your order number and a link to print the confirmation.

    6. Invoice Confirmation

    We will send you an invoice confirmation by email as soon as the product is shipped. The invoice will be secure to avoid any alterations in data while being sent to you. If you need a paper invoice, please contact us here.