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The camera pouch for digital cameras

Umates Camera Pouch
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Model: Umates Camera Pouch
Part no.: 7-022
Recom. price/1 piece:
EUR 8.00 (excl. VAT)
Delivery: 3-5 days

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The Umates Camera Pouch holds most digital cameras on the market (except reflex cameras).

Umates Camera Pouch is designed with a smaller pocket where you can keep extra media cards when you've got your camera with you.

The belt clip of the pouch is designed in a special way to make you feel comfortable with your camera in the pouch when you sit down - it is able to rotate 180°.

Even though the remaining stock are sold at a heavily reduced price, we naturally still provide a lifetime warranty under our normal terms of sale.

Former recom. retail price EUR 14,- NOW EUR 8,- (Only while in stock)

Patent & Function


Material Neoprene, black
Material description Black hard-wearing Neoprene - easy to wipe off oil or dirt
Protection Padded pouch for digital cameras
User-friendliness Safety carrying of your digital camera
Main compartments 1
Compartments in total 1
Umates guarantee Lifetime guarantee on any production and material defects
Weight 0,02 kg
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