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PC bag with extra space
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Umates Protector15X
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Model: Umates Protector15X
Part no.: 10-102
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Umates Protector15X is the most sold Umates PC bag and identical with Umates Protector15 but with an extra back pocket with room for a large ring binder, all your documents or portable printer.

A trolley fastening strap on the back of the case ensure easy transportation while travelling.

This computer bag has many different pockets and compartments so that you have lots of space for papers, AC Adapter, various cables, PDA, keys, etc.

Umates Protector15X is made of Teflon-coated nylon. You get an ergonomic and extra padded shoulder strap so that the carrying case does not feel heavy when it is full of equipment and other necessities.

Umates Protector15X also has the patented Umates TopProtector™ system so that it is fast, easy and safe to get the notebook in and out of the PC bag case without exerting any pressure with your hand.

Max. screen size up to 16”

Patent & Function


Material Nylon, teflon-coated
Material description Black hard-wearing Teflon-coated nylon - water-repellent and easy to wipe off oil or dirt
Elastic suspension system Patented TopProtector™ system - opens at the top and prevents physical contact between the notebook and the bottom of the computer bag.
Ergonomic shoulder strap Replaceable, ergonomic and extra padded shoulder straps
Replaceable handle A soft material is used for the handle, as standard, for comfort and protection.
Self-repairing zip The zippers can self-heal by gently moving the slide over the separated portion of the zipper.
Front pocket Front pocket with room for handy, business cards, pens and other small things
Back pocket Back pocket with 3 parts with room a large ring binder, documents or portable printer
Special room Room for external CD/DVD/CD-RW, documents, key holder and other small inner pockets
Pockets Front pocket & big back pocket
Pen holder Yes
Key holder Yes
Main compartments 2
Compartments in total 15
Opportunity for firma logo Yes, call us at +45 7022 7005
Umates guarantee Lifetime guarantee on any production and material defects
Maximum dimensions on laptop W38 cm x H30 cm x D5 cm
Weight 2,0 kg
Max screen size 13”-16”

Patent and Function

The elastic suspension system During transport, the elastic suspension system prevents physical contact between the notebook and the bottom of the carrying case, and minimize company costs for inappropriate user behaviour.
User-friendliness In the TopLoader-serie, the elastic suspension system is used to remove and replace the notebook in the case easy and quickly - without compromising protection.
Microsoft recommends Umates Microsofts German Vista Team has tested Umates' computer carrying case with the patented TopProtector™ system and determined that there great similarities between the aims of MS Vista and Umates patentede portection system for Mobile Computing.
TopLoader Umates TopLoaders with the patented TopProtector™ system have been developed for users who want a computer bag with optimal protection and a high degree of user friendliness combined with high quality.

Umates´ patented TopProtector™ system
1. The patented Umates TopProtector™ system is brilliant and simple. Place your computer in the elastic sling to get it in and out of the bag.

2. With the elastic suspension system, the weight of the computer is distributed more evenly and it feels “lighter”!

Bumps, knocks and impact shock are not transmitted to the notebook casing and therefore do not affect sensitive equipment. The principle comes from the bungee jumping where the elastic prevents direct strain.

See Umates drop test video

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