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LIND Automobile / Airline Adapters

LIND Auto Adapter
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Umates LIND Automobile Adapters operates from any 11 to 16 DC source and are available for most laptop computers. They are also available for most durable DC adapters.

Output filtering, tight regulation and short circuit protection keep your computer safe from power fluctuations at the source.

Vi distribute both LIND Automobile Adapters and LIND Airline Adapters in different models for most laptop computers.

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Patent & Function


Charger Operate from any 11 to 16 VDC Source. The charger is using the 12V socket in the car.
Efficiency You can use your laptop when it is charging
Speed The same speed such as a 220V machine
Overload protection With the car engine switched off, the converter stops drawing power when the car battery level has been reached.
Compatible models Available for most Laptop Computers, contact us for more information
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