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Protection for your Mini-Notebook
- two colors in one / size 30x23 cm

Umates CPU Pouch S
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Model: Umates CPU Pouch S
Part no.: 7-222
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EUR 12.00 (excl. VAT)
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This pouch is developed from elastic material which protects the Mini-Notebook from scratches.

You can turn the pouch and choose between two colors - black and red. You decide the color of your pouch.

The pouch is very durable and made of washable Neoprene.

From 500 pieces Umates can produce custom made pouch.

Contact us for more information:
Phone: +45 7022 7005

Please check the dimensions of your notebook

Patent & Function


Material Neoprene, black/red
Material description Original durable Neoprene
Protection Protects the laptops cabinet from scratches
User-friendliness Fast and easy to get the Mini-Notebook in and out
Main compartments 1
Umates guarantee Lifetime guarantee on any production and material defects
Maximum dimensions on laptop W30 x D23 cm
Weight 100 gram
Max screen size 10”-13”
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