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Drop test video
TopProtector™ system
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UMATES drop test video

During transport, the elastic suspension system prevents physical contact between the notebook and the bottom of the carrying case, and minimize company costs for inappropriate user behaviour.

Furthermore, the elastic suspension system is used to remove and replace the notebook in the case easy and quickly – without compromising protection.

See how we 'throw' a laptop around while it is in the bag. See the drop test video, click here »

See the UMATES drop test video now

UMATES TopProtector™ system

The patented UMATES TopProtector™ system is brilliant and simple.
  1. Place your computer in the elastic sling to get it in and out of the bag.

  2. With the elastic suspension system, the weight of the computer is distributed more evenly and it feels "lighter".

  3. Bumps, knocks and impact shock are not transmitted to the notebook casing and therefore do not affect sensitive equipment. The principle comes from the bungee jumping where the elastic prevents direct strain.
See the drop test video, click here »
See the UMATES TopProtector system in action

Quality is in the Detail

The details and the individual features of the computer bags are designed on the basis of the experiences and expectations of laptop users. These details and features therefore help to make your life easier.

Product details and features, see video »

See our video: Quality is in the Detail