Microsoft recommends
Umates carrying cases for laptop!

Germany, June 2007

Bastian Braun, responsible for Vista products at Microsoft, has this to say:
“There are a lot of similarities between Microsoft’s and Umates’ philosophy concerning
user functionality and safety within the Mobile Business. Microsoft Vista was designed to
address precisely these issues, and we chose Umates’ products as recommended
hardware because their idea and philosophy are so much in keeping with our own.”

Bastian Braun continues:
"For some time now, we have tested Umates’ new PC bags which incorporate the patented
“TopProtector™ system”. Customers find the product incredibly easy to use, and at the
same time the bag protects the notebook against physical damage from daily handling.
We therefore recommend Umates PC bags with the “TopProtector™ system” for notebooks."

Umates’ managing director, Kim T. Rasmussen, is pleased that the world’s largest producer
of software endorses the Danish company’s new patented product, and that the company’s
long-term development and investment policy is now being recognised.

The Danish concept is simple – a computer bag that provides maximum protection
against knocks and bumps and that affords easy and fast notebook access.

These problems were also addressed by the research firm Gartner Group, which in
June 2006 found that: 22 % of all notebooks break within three years*. Umates’s
protection reduces costs and generates resources for companies, and the fact that
the notebook is so easy to get in and out of the PC bag improves user work

* Source: The research firm Gartner Group, June 2006