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Presented by CEO Kim T. Rasmussen, UMATES A/S

A laptop computer consists of a series of components that are very sensitive to shocks and vibrations during transport.

The UMATES elastic suspension system ensures the best possible protection from the risks of everyday transport by preventing the laptop from coming into contact with the bottom of the carrying case or backpack.

We're confident enough to drop a laptop while in the UMATES TopLoaders™ case, thus proving the unmatched protection offered by the elastic suspension system.
Often, it is stressful and problematic to remove a laptop quickly and safely in and out of a bag or backpack.

This problem is solved with the elastic suspension system from the TopLoaders™ series, which allows you to easily slip your laptop into the bag and easily remove it simply by pulling on the built-in hanger.

This is an effortless process designed to help protect your laptop from damage.
High quality:
UMATES provides a high quality standard and controls the production of its products in its own factory in China.

The highest-grade materials currently available are used, because it is important to UMATES that its carrying cases last many years.

If, contrary to expectation, a production or material defects occur, we immediately replace the product without discussion and throughout the lifetime of the product.

Recommended by Laptopworld UMATES has received this exclusive and rare award from Laptopworld UMATES Quality does not cost extra

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